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How to convert an HEIC to JPG

We click too many pictures using DSLRs and our phones all the time. As a result, applications like Snapchat and Instagram are doing great business year after year. There are so many different formats in which image files are stored and all of these formats have different configurations. It suddenly becomes a difficult task when one has to change the format of a file from one to the other. That’s why we have brought the easiest tool for you which is free to use on the internet. We will guide you through the steps that will let you change your HEIC file to a JPG file. Let us see the steps;

  1. Open your phone’s browser and type,
  2. You will see a site open on your screen that has many options on it, out of all those options, click on the ADD FILE option.
  3. Once you click on the option, your phone’s file manager will be displayed in front of you. Choose the HEIC file you want to convert.
  4. You can select up to 10 files simultaneously but their combined size should not exceed 50 MB of size.
  5. Now that you have selected the HEIC file you want to convert, click on the CONVERT TO option. A list of file formats will be visible to you, out of which you have to select the JPG format.
  6. Once you have done all of the above steps, click on the CONVERT NOW option and let the magic begin. After completing all these steps successfully, you will see that your HEIC file will be converted into a JPG file in a matter of seconds. You can download the resulting image and use it wherever you want to.

These are the easy steps that will help you convert any HEIC file into a JPG file instantly. The best thing about this tool is that it is free of cost and does your work in a matter of seconds.

HEIC to JPG Conversion

JPG and HEIC files are examples of files that include visual data such as pictures and photographs. These are just file extensions that allow the user to determine the type of file just by looking at it. The HEIC and JPG file formats differ in a few ways. The JPG files are bigger and may occupy quite a bit of storage on your device. The size of the picture grows as the image quality does. Thus, there's a possibility that a JPG file's original picture quality will be compromised if it's compressed. On the other hand, HEIC files may be compressed with ease and retain their quality during the process. Also, HEIC files have transparency and 16-bit color depth which are qualities that JPG files don’t possess.

Why should you convert HEIC to JPG?

Even though HEIC is extensively supported on Apple products, HEIC files may not open or show well on some outdated hardware, software, or non-Apple systems. By converting to JPG, you may be confident that it will work with more devices—such as Android smartphones, Windows computers, and other software programs. One of the most widely used and supported picture formats is JPG. JPG files are compatible with almost every kind of device, operating system, and image editing program. Because of this, JPG is a secure option for distributing and viewing photos on many platforms. Because JPG is a widely used picture format, sharing and distributing photographs is made easier. JPG makes sure that your photos can be readily opened and viewed by others, whether you're sharing them on social media, sending them to pals, or uploading them to a website. Although JPG conversion can still provide lesser file sizes, especially when the compression parameters are changed, HEIC compression is recognized for its effectiveness. For file transfers, storage, and web-based applications where bandwidth concerns could be important, smaller file sizes are beneficial.

Is it safe to convert HEIC files to JPG files?

One of the primary reasons users consider converting HEIC to JPG is compatibility. While HEIC is supported on modern Apple devices, some older devices and non-Apple platforms may face challenges in displaying or processing HEIC files. Converting to JPG ensures broader compatibility across various devices and software. However, by using our tool you are guaranteed to get great results with your image files.

Information about JPG
File extension
File category
Raster Image
Stands for
Joint photographic experts group
The JPEG group
Files stored in this format are small in size that is why they can be uploaded and downloaded with ease. It takes less time over the internet to upload and download due to smaller size which results in saving of bandwidth. This extension is compressed using a lossy algorithm that is why there can be a reduction in the quality of the photograph. It has the ability to compress the file to one-tenth of its original size. It is widely used in emails and also when images are to be posted on websites. Digital Cameras and other photographic image capture devices widely use this JPG format. The paintings and photos of realistic scenes that have smooth variations of colour can be best illustrated by this format.
Technical description
A technique used in JPEG format to compress files is lossy compression which is based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) as it is the most practical Mathematical operation. The DCT actually converts each frame of the video from the spatial domain to a frequency/transform domain. It discards the information of high frequency that has sharp transitions in intensity as well as in colour hue. Furthermore, this standard defines a codec which tells how an image can be encoded into a stream of bytes and decoded back into an image. The files can be compressed in the ratio of 100:1 but that would result in the poor quality of an image. Therefore, to retain the quality of a photo, a file should be compressed till 20:1 ratio not more than that.
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