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1. Welcome!

Welcome to ChangeMyFile! We would like to thank you for choosing our website to convert your files to your desired file extensions. We aim to always support all of your high-quality file conversion ordeals at absolutely no cost, and we hope to be your go-to site for converting your files in the future as well. We truly understand how essential data privacy is for each one of us, today. For the same reason, we collect only the minimum required amount of your personal information for the purpose of providing you with our offerings of high-quality and fast file conversions, without the requirement of having to register or create an account with us, for getting your files converted. The reference to Personal information includes any sensitive information that relates to an identifiable individual and which can be used to directly or indirectly identify the said individual. We recognize that it is a huge responsibility to be able to appropriately manage the customer data, and for the purpose of helping you understand how we handle your data, we would indeed urge you to read our Privacy Policy listed below. Kindly note that our Privacy Policy is not the same as our website’s legal ‘Terms of Use’, which essentially lists out the legal terms under which ChangeMyFile is bound to operate and offer its services.

2. Privacy Policy and its Applicability

Privacy Policy constitutes various statements that will give you a clear understanding of how your data will be handled and managed by our website server. The data being referred to here typically constitutes the files that you upload on to our website for the reason of file extension conversion, as well as the web server log files that are automatically collected by the web server log when you visit our website. Please note that the Privacy Policy being referred to here shall only apply to our website and our official offerings to you, the customer. Any and all instances of ‘ChangeMyFile’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ throughout this website solely refer to ChangeMyFile Limited. Any and all instances of ‘you’, and ‘your’ throughout this website solely refers to the Customer or User making use of our website’s file extension conversion offerings. This Privacy Policy does not, and shall not in the future, apply to any Third-Party software or application vendors, or any Third-Party products, understandably for the reason that with such Third-Party vendors or applications, we do not hold any control on, and thus, accountability for your data. We would like to reiterate the fact that your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and thus we aim to keep these terms as transparent and clear as possible, for your benefit. For your ease of access in the future, you can easily save, retrieve, and print the ChangeMyFile Privacy Policy through the link ___________________________________

3. How is ChangeMyFile the best (in terms of your Data Privacy)?

When you use ChangeMyFile for any of your file extension conversion needs, you get a clear-cut advantage over other website converters, due to the fact that, you need to provide very little information to us in comparison to other file converters, in order to convert your files. For you to be able to better understand and recognize the various ways in which ChangeMyFile provides you a clear advantage over other file extension converter sites, especially in terms of your Data Privacy, the following points have been listed:

  1. You do not have to register or create an account on our website (by providing your personal data) in order to convert your files, unlike most other file extension converter websites. It is evident that if you do not have to create an account by providing your personal information to ChangeMyFile for converting your files in the first place, then there is no concern of how such personal data of yours would be managed by our website. Moreover, you get a great experience of quick file extension conversion without the hassle of having to register first.
    This is a huge advantage to you over most other file converter sites, where you are required to register and create an account with them by providing your personal details to convert your files. That is not only more time consuming, but also adds the stress of having to keep track of how your personal data is managed or used by these sites.

  2. You can convert all your files for absolutely free. You are not limited to a restricted number of free file conversions, as is the case with many other file converter websites.
    You are provided with an unlimited number of fast, high-quality, and free file extension conversions at ChangeMyFile, without the need to pay or buy a subscription plan for faster, larger, or higher-quality file extension conversion, as is the case with almost every other online file converter. This is exactly why we do not require you to register with us or ask you to provide us with your personal data in order to convert your files, as we do not intend to upsell our products or services to you, unlike most other file extension converter websites.

  3. When using ChangeMyFile, you will not be bothered by unwanted Advertisements or having to accept website Cookies (which collect more such personal data of yours), unlike most other file extension converter websites.
    We do not bombard you with advertisements based on your personal data, or ask you to accept website cookies which collect information on all of your website activity and store it for your consequent website visits. This differentiates us from most of the other online file converter websites and enables us to provide you with a hassle-free file conversion experience.

4. What Data does ChangeMyFile manage/collect?

Typically, the user data that ChangeMyFile deals with, manages, or collects constitutes the information that is present in the files that you upload to our site for conversion, or the web server logs which accumulate your basic website usage data. This is the most basic information that most other sites collect, when you access them.

  1. Your Uploaded Files With respect to the contents of the file that you upload to our site for conversion, you can rest assured that this information is never accessed or used by us, except for the purpose of converting your original file to your desired file type. The sole reason that the file is uploaded by you onto our website is, as stated, for the purpose of file extension conversion.
    It is very important for you to note that the file uploaded by you to the ChangeMyFile website for file extension conversion is stored on the website server for the purpose of file conversion for a time period of two hours from the time of the file upload, after which, the file along with its contents gets automatically deleted from the website server.
    Although very unlikely, if during this time period of two hours, there happens to be an unfortunate instance of an unpredicted hacking of our website, or data disclosure due to malicious external attacks, where the website data, including any such uploaded stored files, their contents, or your website activity data from the web server log files, gets illegally leaked to an external party, then ChangeMyFile Limited shall hold no accountability for the use or control of this data, and will not be held responsible by you for the leak of the same. We assume you to be responsible for the data that you upload onto our website for conversion, and expect you to ensure that you understand your liability towards any and all of your files and their contents that are uploaded on ChangeMyFile for the file conversion.
    However, we would like to assure you that we work extremely hard to maintain a secure website, and we try our best to keep the website and all of your personal data, safe from any such external attacks.

  2. Web Server Log Files ChangeMyFile uses the very commonly deployed internet technology called the web server logs. These logs automatically collect certain data from each customer using our website, and store them in server log files. Whenever you visit our website, the data is spontaneously transferred to the web server log by the web browser that you use.
    The data that is collected by the web server logs includes the version and type of your browser, the date and time of each website visit, the IP address of your device, the referring site, the operating system that you use, and the language preference.
    Please do understand that this type of user data is collected and managed by almost every other website that you might access on a day to day basis.

5. Why is this Data collected?

Firstly, we would like to reiterate the fact that the information or data contained in the files that are uploaded by you to our website for conversion, is never permanently stored, used, or shared by us to any external party. The uploaded files are stored on our website server for a small duration of time, starting from the time the files were uploaded by you to our website for the purpose of conversion. Post this period, the files, along with all their contents are automatically deleted from our server. With regards to the data collected by the web server logs, the purpose of collecting this data is to help us better understand how ChangeMyFile users access our website, so that we can better optimize and enhance the user experience for our visitors and users based on their preferences, in the near future. Moreover, this information also helps our team to maintain our website up to the highest standards of quality of service, support compatibility with your browser, facilitate a good connection between your device and our website server, and enhance the security and monitoring of our website server. Only as and when necessary, your collected personal data might also be used as required under a legal process or by law, in order to maintain compliance with any mandate legal court orders or obligations from such legal bodies.
Your IP address, specifically, is of importance to us, not just to establish a strong connection between your device and our website server, but to also avert any misuse of our offerings by the user at any point in time, in which case, your user data would be quite essential for us to suitably and appropriately manage. As a restatement, your uploaded files and their contents will be stored on our website server for a period of two hours, after which, all such files and their contents will be automatically erased and deleted from our website server, keeping the security of your data in mind.

6. Sharing of your Data

We would like to assure you that we never share your personal data with any external party, for any given reason, except if we explicitly ask for your permission to do so. We certainly understand your data privacy concerns, and always strive to prioritize your data security, while providing you with a great quality service at absolutely no cost, whatsoever.

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