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Information about TIFF
File extension
File category
Raster image file
Stands for
Tagged Image File format
Aldus, Adobe systems
TIFF or TIF is particularly used by graphic artists and photographers to store the raster images. It is very easy to scan and fax under this extension. It offers other features as well like word processing, image manipulation, optical character recognition and DTP (Desktop publishing)- which use page layout software. Earlier it was capable of storing two values of each pixel that is why it was only binary image format but now it can have both grayscale images and colour images. It has become more popular due to its wide acceptance of deep-colour photographs. Besides this, it can also have a vector-based clipping path which comprises of outlines and cropping.
Technical description
The photos have a high quality of graphics as this format supports colour depths from 1 to 24 bits. A single TIFF file can also include header tags which define the geometry of an image like size, definition, image-data arrangement and applied image compression. It offers LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) compression which follows a lossless algorithm to reduce the size of a file. Hence, these files can be edited and saved again without any loss of image quality. It also reserves the information of compression method and by default, the value is one, which means no compression. Furthermore, this format uses 32- bit offsets, which restricts the file size to 4 GiB (Gibibytes). Some variants may also use 64-bit offsets to provide compatibility to large files. It should be noted that every file of this type begins with a two-byte indicator of byte order.
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