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Information about BMP
File extension
File category
Image file (Raster)
Stands for
Bitmap image file
BMP format is used for Raster images. These images contain a grid of pixels and each pixel further depicts an individual colour within the image. In this, there can be varying levels of colour depths per pixel, as this criterion is entirely based on the file header which tells about the number of bits per pixel. The images stored is often uncompressed when they are 16 bpp and 32bpp. It is capable of storing only 2-dimensional images( both monochrome-single colour and colourful, with numerous colour depths). A user does not require a graphics adapter to view this file. It is not a popular format these days as it takes lots of time to upload, send and download, due to its large size.
Technical description
BMP file format comes up with the option of data compression, colour profiles and alpha channels. Alpha composting results in partial or fully transparent images which are done by incorporating or mixing one image with a background. Exchanging bitmaps between devices and applications is possible due to a unique representation of colour bitmaps of distinct colour depths, defined by Microsoft. That is why it is termed as a device-independent bitmap file format(DIBs). Additionally, it has both fixed-size and variable-sized structures. This format follows structures in the order given ahead- bitmap file header(stores general information), DIB header(Contains detailed information including pixel format), Extra bitmasks(Define pixel format), colour table( define colours used), Gap 1(Structure alignment), a Pixel array(Actual values of a pixel), Gap 2(Structure alignment)and ICC colour profile(Colour management).
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