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Information about M4R
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MPEG-4 PART 14 for iPhone ringtones
Apple Inc.
M4R is one of the extensions of MPEG-4 Part-14 and it is specially designed by Apple for iPhone ringtones. It is just the relabelling of AAC and M4A. This extension provides an excellent quality of ringtones for iPhones and the size of the ringtone is also small. There are certain steps that one needs to follow for the conversion of any song into this format (iPhone ringtone). Firstly, select any song of 30 seconds and covert it to AAC format using iTunes. Then rename this file using .m4r extension. Finally, by using the iTunes transfer your ringtone file to iPhone. This can be done by connecting your iPhone to the computer and syncing the playlist. Now a user can easily use this ringtone for phone ring, alerts, alarms etc. It should be noted that these files will be supported only by the latest version. Hence, use the current version of iTunes.
Technical description
It uses a lossy compression algorithm to encode the ringtones that is same as AAC and MP3 eareensions. But it has the additional feature of auditory masking which means it neglects other sounds which can be detected or recognized while listening or hearing another sound. It only discards the information which is surplus for the human ear. This results in good quality of iPhone ringtones. It takes less storage space without affecting the quality of audio. It is also a segment of MPEG-4 standard and this is stated in the ISO-IEC standard 14495-3.
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