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Information about SVG
File extension
File category
Vector Image File
Stands for
Scalable Vector Graphics
World Wide Web Consortium
This extension is based on an extensible Markup Language (XML) and images stored in this format are two dimensional as well as vector graphics. It is an open standard format but it supports both interactivity and animation. These files can be searched, indexed, scripted and compressed because their behaviour is specified by XML text files. Editing can be done using a text editor or any drawing software. All popular web browsers provide rendering support to SVG. The major difference between the bitmap image or raster image and vector image is that the former one is made up of a fixed set of pixels whereas the latter one consists of a fixed set of shapes. Scaling in raster reveals the pixels in it and in vector it tells about the shapes.
Technical description
It follows lossless data compression as it contains numerous repeated fragments of text. SVGZ image is a compressed form of SVG, when it is compressed using GZIP algorithm. In 2011 there was mobile version 1.1, which minimized the computational and display capacities. As these files use text to describe the graphics that is why it is very easy to resize them to different sizes(Zooming and Diminishing) without loss of quality. Besides this, they have the capability to store rich graphics and also offers compatibility to CSS(Cascading style sheets) for styling which in return allows a higher level of presentation editing. In addition to this, JavaScript is used for scripting. Lastly, it has three types of graphic objects – vector graphic shapes (paths and outlines), bitmap images and text.
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