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Free Lossless Audio Codec
It is an audio format which uses a lossless compression technique to compress the original data, without any loss of information. The additional benefit of this format is it maintains a very good quality of Audio. These files are encoded using FLAC algorithm that reduces the size of the primary file ranging from 50 to 80 per cent as the size varies according to the amount and density of the data. Therefore, this codec helps in the production of exact replicas of original data but in reduced size. It also supports a number of electronic devices. For instance- Portable players, car stereos etc. As well as it is streamable which allows users to jump to the middle of a stream with minimum delay.
Technical description
FLAC can deal with any channels from 1 to 8. It also supports PCM bit resolution up to 32 bits per sample and any sampling rate up to 655,350Hz in a single Hertz increment. REPLAYGAIN is an added feature in it which helps to measure and normalize the loudness of received audio. Moreover, it can deflate audio at very high speed which makes it to stand out from the other formats. Also, it is an open-source software which means original source code is freely available and it may be modified as per user’s requirements. Lastly, it has flexibility in metadata that allows one to write its own application when it is registered ID. Its metadata includes tags, cover art, seek tables and cue sheets.
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