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Information about MKV
File extension
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Matroska Multimedia Container
Steve Lhomme
An unlimited amount of data such as an infinite number of audios, videos, pictures, arbitrary files like XML and subtitle tracks can be stored in MKV files. Although, it has a similar concept that of AVI, MP4; etc., yet, there is one difference. It is an open-source software or has open specifications, whereas, others are different. Furthermore, it allows online streaming and fast seeking which are alluring features. It can be used with ease as it is highly adaptive and can accept any audio and video.
Technical description
Files in MKV format store each track in varied dataline. Files in this format use distinctive extensions for storing the data. The extension .MKV is used only for video files(may have subtitles and audio),.MK3D for stereoscopic video, .MKA and .MKS for audio and subtitles respectively. The codecs that are linked to this format are .SRT, Vobsub, .USF(Universal Subtitle Format) and .SSA; etc. It should be noted that not all the media players support this file format but only selective ones like VLC. Besides this, ‘Matroska' is derived from a Russian word that is ‘Matryoshka’ and it refers to a hollow Russian doll which opens to uncover another doll, this doll then again opens to reveal next doll and the process goes on. Other meanings for this word in Russia are a sailor suit and a female sailor. Technical details in depth are available only for private and commercial use.
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