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Information about MMF
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Mobile Music File
It is an extension for music files which are generally used to store Mobile Ringtones. It was specially developed by Yamaha, so that cell phones can have distinctive ringtones. It is the extension of SMAF(Synthetic Music Mobile format application)which is an audio file format. With the certain changes in file format now it is possible to store graphics and text in it. This format is supported by all the portable devices and it is used for multimedia in it. These files are also capable of storing instrument data which is similar to module files( Files that can represent music). Due to this aforesaid feature, the user can develop its own instrument which can be played on devices with the same sound effect and similar chip.
Technical description
Yamaha’s SMAF tools can be used to create MMF files from WAV and MID file extensions. These files can have both graphics and PCM sound playback which make it distinct from MIDI. One must not get confused with SMAF and MMF. These are not similar terms. SMAF is the name of the file whereas MMF is an extension of aforesaid file format. The size of the this file is comparably smaller than the other identical files that have a common function, similar to it. These files have a great reputation in the mobile world as they can create affluent images and in addition to it, the size of the file is also small which can be easily managed or maintained.
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