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Information about PPTX
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PowerPoint open XML Presentation
PPTX is a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Open XML Presentation file which is similar to its predecessor that is PPT. It is an open-source file under XML that is why it can be opened easily in other types of presentation programs. It can have a number of slides which can be used to present the ideas or to deliver lectures at all the platforms. For instance- In business meetings, academic classrooms and other market applications. As earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint do not support open version that is why it was launched in 2007 with open standards to cope up with the competition in the market. The slides in this can store images, content, graphs, tables, audio, video, graphics and animations; etc. Other software that supports it include OpenOffice Impress and Apple Keynote.
Technical description
The data that is stored in PPTX is compressed with ZIP compression technique and is reserved in separate files and folders. ECMA-376 standard is used by these files for Office Open XML. The directory is zipped together to create this file and the information in it matches the OPC (Open Platform Communications) structure. A user if wants to make his presentation absolutely attractive to the audience can add custom settings to the text and other content on the slides. Animation effects can be added to the entry, appearance and exit of the text. There is one option of the slideshow and it actually tells how the slides will appear when lecture is to be delivered using the presentation. It will include all the animated effects that the user has applied.
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