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Information about RTF
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Rich text format
RTF is a file format which can be used to write text. This saved file can be used at different operating systems which means it supports cross-platform document Interchange. Most of the word processors support this format, thereby, one can easily read and write. It should be noted that it is meant solely for the addition of text, hence, no videos, images and audios can be added to this file. Although, a standardized file consists of only 7-bit ASCII, yet, by using escape sequences it can encode other characters as well. The formatting in it is very simple that is why the non-RTF program can open this file and make it readable for the users. An example of the same is Notepad. Most of the versions support interoperability which means that it can work with other products or OS.
Technical description
The syntax of RTF is dominated by the TeX typesetting language. This format is completely different from the enriched text (media type ‘text/enriched' of RFC 1896), its forerunner Rich text (media type ‘text/enriched' of RFC 1341 and 1521) and IBM's RFT-DCA (Revisable format text document content architecture) and it possesses varied specifications. There are few extensions of images that are supported by it. It includes JPEG, PNG, EMF (Enhanced Metafile), WMF (Windows metafile) ; etc. In addition to this, it is programmed using groups (enclosed within braces i.e. opening brace tells about the initiation of the group and closing brace indicates the end of it), a control word (programmed commands like \b0 coveys that the bold text is off, \b1 tells that the bold text is on) and a delimiter (it can be either space, digit or hyphen or character).
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