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Information about XLSX
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Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
An XLSX is one of the components of Microsoft’s office suite and it is popularly known as Excel or spreadsheet. It is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. It stores the data in worksheets and each worksheet comprises of a number of cells (boxes) that are organized in a grid of columns and rows. These cells in actual store the data and every cell has its own identity (numbered row and letter named column). This identification of each cell is used to write formulae and to perform other arithmetical operations. They can also refer to other cells to get the values. The data can be formatted in this the same way, as we do in Microsoft word. It may also contain charts, histograms and line graphs; etc and these can be displayed using three-dimensional graphics. Boxes can be auto-filled by just dragging and expanding the selection box which one wants to copy.
Technical description
It is the successor to XLS as this predecessor only stores data using a single binary file whereas XLSX uses Open XML format in which files and folders are stored separately under a ZIP compression. The graphs that are generated can be attached to the current sheet or can be added to the different sheet. Besides this, there are some add-ins which can be used in Excel sheets. It includes, Analysis ToolPak for Statistical and Engineering data analysis), Analysis ToolPak VBA (Visual basics of the application comes into act here), Euro Currency Tools (To convert and format Euro) and Solver Add-in (for optimization and equation solving). Furthermore, including Version 12.0 and later ones, can have 1048576 rows and 16384 columns.
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