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Information about XML
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Extensible Markup Language
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
An XML file is a data file that is used to store,send and recreate the arbitrary data.It outlines a set of guidelines for document encoding in such a way that it can be read by both machines and humans.That is is the main reason these files are processed easily. XML files contain dataset that is meant to be used for structuring the data on a website, web application, or computer programme..
Technical description
XML follows almost the same syntax as HTML as it has one root element that is the parent of all other elements. It comprises metadata and tags, which are used to structure the data.IETF RFC 7303 (successor of RFC 3023) lays forth guidelines for creating media types that may be used in XML messages. The three media types defined are Application/xml, application/xml-external-parsed-entity, and application/xml-dtd Text/xml is an alias for application/xml. They are used to transfer XML files in their raw form without revealing their inherent semantics. Also, RFC 7303 advises giving media types with the +xml suffix to XML-based languages, such as image/svg+xml for SVG.
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