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Information about DOCX
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Microsoft Word Open XML document
DOCX is an upgraded version of the DOC file format. It is a widely used and accepted format by users. The files stored in it are of smaller size due to ZIP compression. Furthermore, it is based on an open Extensible Markup Language. Due to their reduced size, it is very easy to send them in emails as attachments. They are used at homes and working environments for writing letters, resumes, invitations and other documents. This format can easily incorporate many objects in it like charts, graphs, images, tables; etc. Although in this, images can be stored using varied extensions like .JPG and .PNG, yet, the text is always saved as plain text.
Technical description
DOCX extension came into existence with the introduction of Microsoft Word 2007. They store data in an open XML format and do not follow a binary file format like DOC. Besides this, XML has three directories, named as – docProps, word and _rels. These folders or directories have the information regarding the document properties, content and relationship between distinct files. The stored files are often stocked as separate files and folders in a ZIP compression, not in a single file. It supports a high level of data management and also data recovery. It is very easy to restore the lost data or something that is accidentally deleted. It should be noted that in this encoding security is the main concern as data can be passed on easily from corporate firewalls due to open XML.
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