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Information about EXR
File extension
File category
Raster Image
Stands for
Industrial Light & Magic
This EXR extension stores the raster or bitmap images, which are dot matrix structures. It is also an open standard format with a free software license. It works effectively with HDR images(High Dynamic Range). The pictures that are stocked using this format can have either lossy or lossless compression. It has the capability to keep photographs of high luminance and colour. It supports pictures of multiple layers that possess high quality. This format is used by many photo editors in order to add visual effects as well as animation due to its flexibility in compressing the images to both lossy and lossless algorithms.
Technical description
EXR can support multiple channels with varied pixel sizes that are 32-bit and 16-bit floating-point values. It contains arbitrary channels and it can cover multiple points of view. For instance, the left side and right side camera images. Composting is an enhanced feature in this format which allows assembling of numerous pictures to one final photo. There is no need to make separate files for storing the information of arbitrary channels like diffuse, alpha, specular; as all can be combined to one file of this type. A compositor can also modify the specific channel if he is not satisfied with the current appearance of specular reflections or specularity. It has different compression methods for varied types. For grainy images PIZ algorithm is suitable and images that are without a lot of grain, ZIP compression works the best.
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