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Information about ODT
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
OpenDocument Text
Sun Microsystems
Another name for ODT is Open document format for office applications i.e. ODF. It is a Zip compressed Extensible Markup Language (XML) based open format. It is a substitute for Microsoft’s office and used for creating spreadsheets, charts, presentation and other word processing documents. As it is an open software that is why there is no need to get a license, it is free of cost. A number of files and directories that have binary content can be compressed using ZIP's lossless compression and which in result lessens the size of the file. In opendocument, there is one advantage of the separation of concerns which means, there can be distinct sections that address information separately of varied type. It may include content, styles, metadata and application settings as well.
Technical description
Based on the Sun Microsystems specification for, it was created by a technical committee under the OASIS (Organization for the advancement of structured information standards) association. However, the original developer was StarOffice which intended to provide open software for office documents. It was also released under the ISO/IEC international standard ISO/IEC 26300:2006 standard. Furthermore, there are many extensions that are used in Opendocument. This includes .odt and .fodt for word processing documents, .ods and .fods for spreadsheets, .odp and .fodp for presentations, .odg and .fodg for graphics and finally .odf for formulae in mathematics. Besides this, this format is available both as free and proprietary software. AbiWord, Adobe Buzzword, Microsoft office-2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, LibreOffice; etc are few examples of softwares that either fully or partially support this format.
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