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Information about PPT
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file
Originally, Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin of Forethought, Inc. created this file format to make presentations using PowerPoint. Later on, Microsoft acquired this and now it is one of the components of Microsoft Office suite. These PPT presentations include a number of slides, where the content has images, texts with varied font style and size, hyperlinks, audio, video, charts, tables and graphs; etc. We can also apply different themes and animation effects to the text as well as to the images. This in result, can make the presentation interesting instead of dull and boring. One can bring variations to the text, that is how it enters, appears and leaves the screen. Earlier it was meant only for businesses, but now, it is widely used at every platform to showcase the knowledge or ideas effectively.
Technical description
PPT consists of a number of slides which are just like different pages of a notebook. There are in-built templates which can be used to add text with titles or subtitles and images at various places. For example – there is one template for comparing the things. Therefore, two things can be compared by just adding the text. There is no need to add extra centre line to make comparison. Besides this, there comes one master slide. This slide is used to provide overall design to the presentation and it indicates how other slides should appear and work. One can also take the print to review the document. When Microsoft Office 2007 came into existence, PPTX replaced it as this new extension was based on open XML format.
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