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Information about DOC
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Document (Microsoft Word Binary File Format)
Doc extension is used for word processing documents which are prepared using Microsoft Word or any other processing program, for instance - OpenOffice Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, AbiWord and Apple Pages. The file may include all sort of text, images, tables, graphs and charts; etc. A user can also edit the text using page formatting where one can insert hyperlinks, change the margin, choose the alignment, can use varied font size including style and also there are different options for print settings. In the recent versions, one can add audio, images, sounds and videos in the document file. This can be used to write various types of letters, resumes, essays and invitations; etc. These files are editable.
Technical description
Earlier the doc files just contained the formatted text but with the development, now these files may include numerous objects like charts, graphs, tables and all other media components. It can also have a mail merge information. This aforesaid feature is used for mass mailing in which a number of letters with the fixed or same text are sent to multiple or distinct people with a different mailing address. Few word processing templates can be used to put content from database, spreadsheet or table into the text documents. In the 1980s, this extension was used by WordPerfect for their proprietary format but later in 1983, Microsoft chose to use this extension for their Microsoft Word which is their product. The specifications are not publically available for this file, yet, some of them are available in ‘Microsoft Open Specification Promise' which was released on 15th February 2008.
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