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Information about HDR
File extension
File category
Raster Image file
Stands for
High Dynamic Range
These files are also termed as Radiance HDR or HDRI. This format is used to store raster images or digital photos. In this, there is a grid of pixels where every pixel depicts a solo color within the image. Additionally, it has the ability to enrich the color and bring brightness to the pictures. Furthermore, it works well while processing the dark shadows and also on the washed-out areas of a picture. Hence, it is very useful to capture real-world scenes that have high brightness or direct sunlight and as well as extremely shady area or fainted nebulae. These images are the result of numerous different and narrow range exposures of the same matter.
Technical description
HDR images offer the same luminance(an amount of light that is either emitted from or passes through or reflected from a particular area) that of the human visual system. ‘Stops’- Exposure Value differences are used to measure the dynamic range of photography. To double the amount of light, there should be an increase of one exposure value or one stop. Contrary, to decrease the amount of light to half of its value, there should be a decrease of one EV or one stop. Consequently, the darkest parts of shadows require high exposures when something in detail is to be revealed and low exposures are needed when there is a high level of brightness. It uses bracketing which means several shots are taken of the same subject using varied camera settings. Then these images are merged using a photo manipulation program to produce a single image.
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