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Information about EPS
File extension
File category
Document/Image file
Stands for
Encapsulated Postscript file
Adobe Systems
An EPS file format is used for vector images in which points on a Cartesian plane are joined by lines and curves to form different shapes especially polygons. The added advantage to vector graphics is that they can be scaled up and down to any resolution. Emblems, figures, drawings, logos and other artworks can be saved using this format. Furthermore, it may have 2-dimensional vector graphics, text and bitmap images. As well as, a low-resolution image preview within the text document can be sent or received by an individual in it. One can also transfer the image between two or more operating systems, which makes it compatible format and that is why it is widely used by publishers. It is a standard format for storing both images and drawings within a postscript document.
Technical description
An EPS file has a Bounding Box DSC comment(the smallest enclosing box for a point set in infinite dimensions) which describes the rectangle that contains an image. This information can be used by the applications to configure or layout the page, even though they are not capable of directly rendering the Postscript inside. Resizing, editing and manipulation of the image can be done using different software like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator and there will be no effect on the quality. There are at least two necessary document structuring conventions(DSC) header comments and this adapts to Version 3.0 as well as to bounding box comment( it tells about the size of an image). There can be optional DSC comments. For instance, the %%Begin(End)Preview and it denotes the bitmap preview section.
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