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Information about WEBP
File extension
File category
Raster Image file
Stands for
Google Web picture files
WebP is a file format which uses both lossy and lossless compressions to encode the files. It was developed by Google in order to facilitate the work online which can be done quickly and easily with this extension. This is a sister project of WebM Multimedia container and it produces high quality of images. It is claimed that it can reduce the file size by 34% without affecting the quality of a photo. Due to this reduced size, online work can be done in less time as these files can offer high speed over the Internet due to small size. This format provides add-on support to the lossless algorithm, metada, transparency, colour profile and animation.
Technical description
Intra frame coding that is used in video format and the resource interchange file format, are base for its lossy compression. Only 16,383 pixels can be used to represent the side length of an image. Besides this, it is based on block prediction in which every block is forecasted as per the values, from the three blocks above it and from a one block to the left of it. Horizontal, vertical, DC (one colour) and Truemotion are the four basic modes of block prediction in this extension. Animated images can also be produced using WebP and this is a substitute to famous GIF format. It comes with many improved features. For instance, 24 – bit colour with transparency, joining of frames with both lossy and lossless compressions in the same animation and providing support to seek to a specific frame.
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