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Information about WBMP
File extension
File category
Raster Image file
Stands for
Wireless application protocol bitmap format or wireless bitmap
WAP Forum
This file extension is capable of storing only monochromatic images that are black and white. This format has become now outdated and it was used by early mobile phones for exchanging and storing the monochromatic pictures that were sent using SMS messaging service. The successor to this is PNG which supports colours. As mobile phones have come up with improved and enhanced features that is why this format has been largely replaced by full-colour image and video formats. This extension has many likenesses with BMP files that is the standard bitmap images. WBMP does not support grayscale images as well as colour images. The size of the file is small and is always kept in reduced size.
Technical description
In this WBMP format, pictures are created by using pixels in which 0 (zero) is assigned to black pixel and 1 (one) is for a white pixel. There are certain fields which are present in this file extension. The field names are as follows along with their purpose. The first one is type, it tells about the type of an image and zero is fixed for monochrome bitmaps. The next is a fixed header and it is always reserved with 0 value. Then comes the width and this defines the breadth of an image in pixels. The second last is the height and it represents the height of a photo in pixels. The last one is data and it tells about the data bytes arranged in rows.
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