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Information about PDF
File extension
File category
Document file
Stands for
Portable Document File
Adobe Systems
PDF is a format which stores documents that can include text with distinct fonts and images. The text that is present in it is of static or fixed format which is just like an image and it remains exactly the same even if we open this file using other programs, hardware and different operating systems. That is why it is recommended to convert the file into this format before printing or transferring, so, that the arrangement of the lines remains the same. Thereby, the output that is generated is always a printer-ready. These files are editable and can be amended using various editors. Several files can also be merged and compressed online. It does not only support Adobe Acrobat Reader but also other similar programs. These files can be sent, saved and viewed easily using phones, computers or tablets.
Technical description
There is a vast horizon of features that are available in PDFs. The content in it can have logical structuring elements, annotations, rich media, digital signatures and 3D computer graphics data (U3D); etc. Although, it is a 7-bit ASCII (American Standard Code for information interchange), yet, it may contain binary content as well. This file starts with a header which indicates how bits are used to encode information, succeeded by the version of the format. Furthermore, it is a subset of COS i.e. Carousel object structure, which expands to eight primary objects named as- Boolean Values (true or false), numbers, strings, names, arrays, dictionaries, streams and the null object. These files can also be password protected for security reasons.
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