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Information about TXT
File extension
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Document file
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Raw text file
TXT is the file format which is used to store standard text where information is put together with no special effects. A computer file system is used to pile up the data. This unformatted text is just a series of text where only the font style can be altered. This is especially used to make notes in which the appearance of things do not matter. Microsoft Notepad and Apple TextEdit are the two examples of this plain text software. The corrupted data can be retrieved with ease and one can continue his work on the same file. The main advantages of this are the sequence of bytes in storage (endianness) and padding bytes that is inserting of empty bytes between memory addresses. Contrary, entropy is a demerit in this format which means that it takes more storage space than required.
Technical description
In TXT, there is no need for additional metadata, the reader is only expected to know the character set. ASCII is the most compatible in this case where it comprises of letters, numbers and symbols or special characters. In Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS, Carriage return (CR) and Line feed (LF) are the two characters that are used to separate the text of each line. CR act as a control character which resets itself to the beginning of the current line text. On the other hand, LF indicates the end of a line of the text and it moves to the opening of a new line. These files are especially used to keep the source code where file name suffixes indicate the programming language in which source is penned.
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