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How to convert a WEBP file to a JPG file

You have undoubtedly seen several situations when you had to convert one file format to another. It would have required a great deal of time and work on your part a few years ago to convert your data into different formats. However, there are instantaneous websites and internet apps available nowadays that can finish this process for you in a matter of seconds. When it comes to converting all file kinds and extensions into different extensions, is among the most reliable services on the internet.

However, the extensions of these files may vary with each company. Some offices in the world prefer JPG files as images and some ask for either for WEBP or PNG. This issue has been completely dealt with if you know about our website. With the best team of developers, we have created the world’s best WEBP TO JPG CONVERTER ONLINE. With these simple steps, CONVERT WEBP TO JPG FREE and just download the file for further use.

  1. Open the browser and go to,
  2. The screen that opens up is the application that will help you convert all your WEBP TO JPG files. First, click on the ADD FILE option.
  3. Once you click on the option, your phone’s file manager will be shown to you. On this page, choose the WEBP files that you need to convert into the JPG file format.
  4. You can select up to 10 files simultaneously but their combined size should not exceed 50 MB of size.
  5. Now that you have selected the WEBP files you want to convert, click on the CONVERT TO option. A list of file formats will be visible to you, out of which you have to select the JPG format.
  6. Once you have completed all the given steps, click on the CONVERT NOW option and let the magic begin.
  7. In just a matter of a few seconds, every file that you want to CHANGE WEBP TO JPG will be converted and will be available to download.

WEBP TO JPG Conversion

Google recently released the image file format WEBP to address issues with website compatibility with JPG and PNG files. Even with its current level of fame, it is still not applied in actual scenarios such as the one described above. Currently, the WEBP file format is the least often requested file format at workplaces and job interviews. While this could change in the future, JPG is right now the most popular picture format requested globally.

That’s why, having a WEBP file can be reliable only for certain situations. But formats like JPG have a very wide range of utilities. There are many applications or online tools that can convert your files on the go when you need them the most. Here, on this website, you can easily CONVERT FILE WEBP TO JPG in a matter of seconds.

Why You Should Convert Your WEBP File to JPG

While WEBP is the newer technology, not every website or app in the world accepts the WEBP file format and we still need the JPG file format readily available for many reasons. That’s why you must always keep a JPG backup file if you have an original file in the WEBP format.

JPG is one of the best image formats as it allows lossless compression of images and helps maintain the quality of the original WEBP image. For this reason, to CHANGE WEBP TO JPG, you can use the website as it is a trustworthy tool that can solve your issues in the least time possible.

Transparency-containing components in your WEBP picture are effortlessly preserved when you convert to JPG. Converting to JPG guarantees a dependable and consistent presentation if you plan to share your photos with consumers on a variety of devices or across platforms.

Is It Safe to Convert WEBP to JPG?

It's normally safe to convert a WEBP file to a JPG using reputable hardware and software. That’s why we have created this tool that makes sure that your data is safe and secure when you bring it to our website to convert it to different formats. There may be occasions where you might need our help, for example, changing your audio file formats or video file formats. We can do it all and that too in the least amount of time. And yes, converting a WEBP file to a JPG file will be safe but even then, just for safety, always keep the original as a backup so that you can at least go to the original image if the outcome of conversion is not what you expected.

Information about WEBP
File extension
File category
Raster Image file
Stands for
Google Web picture files
WebP is a file format which uses both lossy and lossless compressions to encode the files. It was developed by Google in order to facilitate the work online which can be done quickly and easily with this extension. This is a sister project of WebM Multimedia container and it produces high quality of images. It is claimed that it can reduce the file size by 34% without affecting the quality of a photo. Due to this reduced size, online work can be done in less time as these files can offer high speed over the Internet due to small size. This format provides add-on support to the lossless algorithm, metada, transparency, colour profile and animation.
Technical description
Intra frame coding that is used in video format and the resource interchange file format, are base for its lossy compression. Only 16,383 pixels can be used to represent the side length of an image. Besides this, it is based on block prediction in which every block is forecasted as per the values, from the three blocks above it and from a one block to the left of it. Horizontal, vertical, DC (one colour) and Truemotion are the four basic modes of block prediction in this extension. Animated images can also be produced using WebP and this is a substitute to famous GIF format. It comes with many improved features. For instance, 24 – bit colour with transparency, joining of frames with both lossy and lossless compressions in the same animation and providing support to seek to a specific frame.
Information about JPG
File extension
File category
Raster Image
Stands for
Joint photographic experts group
The JPEG group
Files stored in this format are small in size that is why they can be uploaded and downloaded with ease. It takes less time over the internet to upload and download due to smaller size which results in saving of bandwidth. This extension is compressed using a lossy algorithm that is why there can be a reduction in the quality of the photograph. It has the ability to compress the file to one-tenth of its original size. It is widely used in emails and also when images are to be posted on websites. Digital Cameras and other photographic image capture devices widely use this JPG format. The paintings and photos of realistic scenes that have smooth variations of colour can be best illustrated by this format.
Technical description
A technique used in JPEG format to compress files is lossy compression which is based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) as it is the most practical Mathematical operation. The DCT actually converts each frame of the video from the spatial domain to a frequency/transform domain. It discards the information of high frequency that has sharp transitions in intensity as well as in colour hue. Furthermore, this standard defines a codec which tells how an image can be encoded into a stream of bytes and decoded back into an image. The files can be compressed in the ratio of 100:1 but that would result in the poor quality of an image. Therefore, to retain the quality of a photo, a file should be compressed till 20:1 ratio not more than that.
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