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How to Convert a WEBP file to a PNG file

There are thousands of jobs that a candidate applies to when looking for a job. Every job in today’s times is increasingly using the latest technologies for conducting most of their businesses. Similarly, the interviews for these companies have started being conducted via online mediums alone. Therefore, the application and registration processes are also done via online methods. This is when the problem starts. Every exam or private interview that is conducted online will require the candidate to submit some of their qualifications in the form of image files. However, the extensions of these files may vary with each company. Some prefer JPG files as images and some ask for either WEBP or PNG. If the candidate applying for the job but doesn’t have any idea how to CONVERT FILE WEBP TO PNG, then it will become difficult for them to fill that application form. This is where swoops in and cures all your problems. Today, we are going to introduce you to our website which is the best WEBP TO PNG CONVERTER online. You can change any WEB TO PNG in a matter of seconds:

  1. Open the browser and go to
  2. The screen that you see is all it is. Click on the ADD FILE option and wait for the next dialogue box to appear.
  3. Once you click on the option, your phone’s file manager will be displayed in front of you. Choose the WEBP file you want to convert into a PNG file.
  4. You can select up to 10 files simultaneously but their combined size should not exceed 50 MB of size.
  5. Now that you have selected the WEBP file you want to convert, click on the CONVERT TO option. A list of file formats will be visible to you, out of which you have to select the PNG format.
  6. Once you have done all of the above steps, click on the CONVERT NOW option and let the magic begin.

It will just take a few seconds to transform your WEBP file into a PNG file. Utilize the file any way you see fit after downloading it to your device. All of your devices will be able to use the PNG files that you convert using our website.

WEBP TO PNG Conversion

WEBP is the image file format that was recently introduced by Google to mend the problems of website compatibility with both PNG and JPG files. However renowned it has become now, it is still not being used in real-life situations, like the one mentioned above. WEBP file format is the least asked-for file format in offices and job interviews.

That’s why, having a WEBP file can be reliable only for certain situations. But formats like PNG have a very wide range of utilities. There are many applications or online tools that can convert your files on the go when you need them the most. Here, on this website, you can easily CONVERT FILE WEBP TO PNG in a matter of seconds.

Why You Should Convert Your WEBP File to PNG

  • While WEBP is supported by modern browsers, some older browsers may not fully support it. Converting to PNG ensures broad compatibility, making your images accessible across a wide range of platforms.
  • PNG is a lossless format, preserving image quality even after multiple edits.
  • PNG supports transparency, making it an ideal choice for images that require a transparent background.
  • If your WEBP image contains elements with transparency, converting to PNG preserves this aspect seamlessly.
  • If you intend to share your images across different platforms or with users using diverse devices, converting to PNG ensures a consistent and reliable display.

Is It Safe to Convert WEBP to PNG?

With reliable tools and software, converting a WEBP file to a PNG is usually safe. When converting your WEBP to PNG, there are a few things you need to be aware of. To reduce the possibility of any potential security problems, you must use an online conversion tool or program that is well-known and trustworthy, similar to To make sure that the quality is preserved, you must constantly examine the photograph. To preserve the integrity of the original image, lossless conversion technologies are preferred. Always maintain a backup of your original WEBP files as a safety precaution. This guarantees you can always go back to the original format if necessary.

Information about WEBP
File extension
File category
Raster Image file
Stands for
Google Web picture files
WebP is a file format which uses both lossy and lossless compressions to encode the files. It was developed by Google in order to facilitate the work online which can be done quickly and easily with this extension. This is a sister project of WebM Multimedia container and it produces high quality of images. It is claimed that it can reduce the file size by 34% without affecting the quality of a photo. Due to this reduced size, online work can be done in less time as these files can offer high speed over the Internet due to small size. This format provides add-on support to the lossless algorithm, metada, transparency, colour profile and animation.
Technical description
Intra frame coding that is used in video format and the resource interchange file format, are base for its lossy compression. Only 16,383 pixels can be used to represent the side length of an image. Besides this, it is based on block prediction in which every block is forecasted as per the values, from the three blocks above it and from a one block to the left of it. Horizontal, vertical, DC (one colour) and Truemotion are the four basic modes of block prediction in this extension. Animated images can also be produced using WebP and this is a substitute to famous GIF format. It comes with many improved features. For instance, 24 – bit colour with transparency, joining of frames with both lossy and lossless compressions in the same animation and providing support to seek to a specific frame.
Information about PNG
File extension
File category
Raster image file
Stands for
Portable Network Graphics
PNG development Group(Donated to World wide web Consortium/ W3C)
These files are commonly termed as ‘ping' and they store the raster files using lossless compression. It came into existence in order to replace the GIF file format as they both have the ability to show transparent backgrounds. Furthermore, it was an enhanced and improved version of Graphics Interchange format. It supports different types of photos. The first one is palette-based photographs that can either have palettes of 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA colours. Second is grayscale images which may or may not have an alpha channel for transparency. Lastly, there is a full-colour non-palette which is based on RGB/RGBA pictures. There is one limitation of this type. It does not support animation like GIF. Besides this, it is non-patented which means there are no copyright limitations.
Technical description
The expanded features like 8- bit channel for transparency and 24- bit RGB support make PNG more popular. The files stores in this format allow the fading of colours from opaque to transparent which is not present in the preceding format. CMYK does not offer support to this extension as it was developed for transferring of files over the internet, not for professional-quality print graphics. It stores information like textual comments, integrity checks and encoded basic pixels in its extensible structure of chunks. It always starts with an 8-byte signature followed by a series of chunks. A chunk furthermore comprises of four parts- length (4 bytes), chunk type (4 bytes), chunk data (length bytes) and CRC- Cyclic redundancy checksum or code (4 bytes).
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