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Information about FLV
File extension
File category
Stands for
Flash Video
Adobe Systems (initially developed by Macromedia)
It is a multimedia container file format which is used over the internet to provide digital video content to the users. Digital video content includes TV shows or series, movies; etc. Adobe Flash Player 6 and new versions provide support to it. To play flash video from Personal Computer and online websites we need an FLV player. Although, Apple iOS does not support Flash, yet, with the help of additional software, one can play flash videos. Also, it is a common platform for various websites that allows video streaming such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, Hulu; etc . With the help of screen capturing and other recording programs, screen recording is possible for flash videos. Furthermore, it also supports a screen share or screen cast.
Technical description
FLV files mostly have video bitstreams which are one of the variants of H.263 Standard and it is named as Sorenson park(FourCC FLV1). The SWF files and this extension uses the identical way to encode data. There are two variants available for screen casting. First one is lossy as it reduces colour depth or bit depth (number of bits used to indicate the colour of one pixel) and compresses the data. The second type is only compatible with Flash Player 8 and the newer versions. Both these aforesaid kinds are based on bitmap tile. Uncompressed Audio or ADPCM format audio is also supported by it. This format has header and packets in its video structure. A standard header includes signature, version, flags and header size.
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