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Information about MOV
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MPEG-4 Part-12
An MOV file format is a multimedia container which is used to store videos, text, images, subtitles and audios. Although, it was developed by Apple, yet, it can be used by both platforms i.e. Mac/Macintosh and Windows. Softwares that are meant for video editing especially use this format. To compress files, it uses MPEG-4 Codec. It should be noted that there is great similarity between MOV and MP4 files and they both support Apple’s QuickTime Player. But MP4 is based on international standards that is the main reason it is supported broadly. Additionally, it has the potential to abstract data references for the multimedia data. Also, it separates the media data from its offsets.
Technical description
MOV is extremely suitable for editing as there is no need to re-write data because it has the ability to import and edit in place. There are different media tracks in which data can code using distinct codecs. The data structure in tracks follow the hierarchy and they consist of atoms. An atom can either represent itself as a parent to other atoms or can have media or can edit the data. The older version of QuickTime supported only viewing of these files but the latest versions like QuickTime Pro both support editing and exporting that can be easily done by the user. ‘Passthrough’ option in this software allows clean exporting of audio and video streams to MP4. This form is an extended form of MPEG-4 PART-12.
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