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Information about TGA
File extension
File category
Raster Image
Stands for
Targa Graphic File
Truevision Inc. (Currently part of Avid technology)
This extension is particularly used to store Raster images. It was developed for the first graphic cards so that they can provide support to high colour or true colour displays. This group aimed at professional computer image synthesis and also at video editing in personal computers. Every colour which is available is defined with the help of palette. TARGA stands for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics adapter and TGA is an initial for this adapter. This file format is quite popular in animation as well as video industry. The size of the files is large due to the characterization each pixel of an image by a particular number of bits. Depending upon the situation, data can be compiled using a lossless RLE (Run-length encoding) compression or can be stored in raw form as well. It should be noted that this compression is suitable only for icons, cartoons and line drawings not for photographic images.
Technical description
TGA is capable of storing photos of 8,16,24 and 32 bits of accuracy per pixel. In addition to this, 24 bits of RGB and 8- bit for alpha channel. Furthermore, it only contains an 18-byte header which is followed by image data. A header in it consists of ID length, colour map type, image type, colour map specification and image specification. Image ID can store any kind of information but generally, it either has a date and time the image was created or a serial number. There can be optional sections as well like developer area, extension area and file footer; etc in order to add extra information.
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