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Information about AIFF
File extension
File category
Stands for
Audio Interchange File Format
Apple Inc.
AIFF is an uncompressed audio file format. It keeps the original file without losing any data. This is the main reason why these files require more storage space. One minute-long audio requires nearly 10MB space. It is widely used by Apple Macintosh/Apple Mac and also musicians use this format for their recordings. Exact copies of music can be formed using this format with the added benefit of sound quality, which is well maintained in these files. Though it follows lossless format(not compressed), yet, there is another variant of it named AIFF-C developed by Apple afterwards and it is the compressed version. The only disadvantage of these files is a large size.
Technical description
Mostly AIFF files have uncompressed Pulse Code Modulation(PCM) data which means at regular intervals the amplitude of the analog signal is reduced from continuous-time signal to a discrete-time signal and every sample is quantized to the closest value. An AFF file has various parts which are known as chunks and each chunk has its own ID which is mostly termed as FourCC. This ID is a sequel of four bytes which distinctly identify data formats. The several chunks found in this format are Common, Sound data, Marker, Instrument, Comment, Name, Author, Copyright, Annotation, Audio recording, MIDI data, Application, and ID3. The first two chunks are essential every time(Common chunk and Sound data Chunk). Lastly, these files have the capability of storing Metadata in five chunks-Name, author, comment, annotation and copyright. Metadata delivers information about the data that is data about data.
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