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Information about WMA
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Windows Media Audio
It is an audio file format which is proprietary or closed source software. It is available in four different versions. First one is the original WMA codec. This gives competition to the MP3 and it came into existence in 1999. Next is WMA Pro which is an advanced and new codec. It uses lossy compression but provides audios of high resolution. The third is WMA lossless codec and it encodes audio without losing any information. Lastly, there is WMA Voice which is again a lossy compression and it was developed for audios with low bandwidth or low bit rates. Microsoft has developed an advanced systems format which is used by ‘Windows Media Audio' to store encoded audios. Metadata objects like the album, the genre of track and title; etc. can also be added in this codec. The prime use of this extension by users is streaming on the internet.
Technical description
Microsoft has various claims about this codec. Firstly, it was alleged that at 64kbps this format will deliver the same quality of audio as of CD. This was rejected at the end. The second claim is that it gives better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rate. Thirdly, it was professed that this extension provides a similar quality of audio at a lower bit rate than MP3 at a higher bit rate. Apart from this, there is an option available for this container i.e. DRM(Digital rights management) and this option is completely elective. One may or may not choose this choice. A number of software support this format like Windows media player, Microsoft expression encoder; etc.
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