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Information about OGV
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Ogg Video File
OGV is a free and an open container format for digital media(Audio, Video and text). It is unpatented software and can be used by users free of cost. It compresses the files using lossy compression and discards the redundant information which human ear incapable to process. It is used especially for online streaming. Furthermore, this format is also good for data manipulation and it is standardized by OGG Vorbis. This format is a container format used for Audio, Video and metadata files. For compressing of files, it uses Vorbis Compression Technology. The recorded content can be played using different software like VideoLan VLC Media player and Helix player; etc.
Technical description
An OGV file can have separate unrestricted open-source codecs for varied media types like audio, video, text. Theora and DivX are some examples. It supports variable bit rate and based on Discrete cosine transform (DCT) compression pattern. To compress or encode videos it uses Chroma subsampling (Due to low acuity for colours by humans, it uses less resolution to encode images),block-based motion compensation and an 8-by-8 DCT block. The pixels in it are grouped together in various structures- blocks, super blocks and macroblocks. Videos on the web pages can be played using HTML coding i.e. HTML5< video > tag. Although these files have different source code, yet, the videos in this format are often addressed as OGG files in HTML source code. In addition to this, a DirectShow codec pack is provided by the developers so that this format can be used both as open-source and for commercial applications as well.
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