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Information about WMV
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Windows Media Video
It is a video format based on the Microsoft Advanced systems format(ASF) and it is a sequel of video codecs. There are three varied codecs for this format. Actual WMA compression technique was developed only for internet streaming applications and it gave tough competition to RealVideo. The other compression techniques include WMV screen and WMV image which are designed for specialized content. These files are compatible with both Mac and Personal computers ;etc. This format attracts companies those want to sell audios and videos online due to DRM technology. This is the most popular among its family members. Interlaced videos can also be played using this video extension. There is an advanced version named WMA 9 which automatically comes into play when video resolution exceeds 300,000 pixels and the bitrate 1000 kbit/sec.
Technical description
It is based on DRM(Direct Rights Management), thereby, it restricts users from making unauthorized copies that are often bought online from stores. HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc are formats for physical delivery which were adapted when WMV version was standardized by the SMPTE(Society of Motion picture and Television Engineers). It is now termed as VC-1. MPEG-4 AVC, AVS and MPEG-4 ASP are other competitors against this format. Furthermore, it can also provide support to the variable bit rate, average bit rate and constant bit rate. It enables makers to use non-square pixels as well. Lastly, it can process videos using frame interpolation in which intermediate animation frames are created between the existing frames.
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