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Information about M4A
File extension
File category
Stands for
MPEG-4 PART 14 or MPEG-4 Audio
It is an audio file which uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) compression. Also, it is one of the formats of MPEG-4. It should be noted that MPEG-4 codec is used both for video and Audio. But M4A is specially designed by Apple for audio files only that is why it is used to store audiobooks, podcasts and songs. As sound files are encoded using AAC compression and this results in a reduction of file size and it also produces a very good quality of audio. Whenever somebody purchases music from the iTunes store then it is always available in this format. Many believe that MP4 and M4A are similar extensions, however, it’s not the truth. MP4 files can store both Audio and video files whereas the other one is entirely made for Audio files.
Technical description
These files are improved version of MP3 as it has the ability to store data without any loss. The audio files are completely reversible that is they can be inverted to their original copies with the same size. Besides this, these files does not have copyright protection whereas MP4 files are protected and they use DRM(Digital Rights Management) technology to enforce this protection policy. Due to this, one can copy these audio files effortlessly. These files have come with advanced features which include smaller sample block sizes, perception-based compression and bigger block sizes in stationary signals. There are a number of applications that support this extension. For example:- Microsoft Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Quicktime player, Microsoft Zune and Apple iTunes etc.
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