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Information about WAV
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Waveform Audio File Format
Microsoft and IBM
WAV or WAVE is an audio format which was developed to store audio files on personal computers. These files include music, spoken or speech audios and sound effects. The size of the files in this codec is very large as it does not use a lossy format like MP3. This is the main reason why this format has lost its popularity. Due to its size, it is hard to transfer files over the internet which had resulted in less acceptance. This format is supported by many programs like a window Media player. Therefore, these audio files can be played using aforesaid software. One can not completely ignore this format as it provides high quality of audios. Due to this, it is used for radio broadcasting.
Technical description
This format supports metadata that is why we can add details using information chunk. Data in this codec is stored in chunks as it is an application of RIFF(Resource interchange file format). Furthermore, LPCM(Linear pulse code modulation) is the most common, uncompressed audio format in this, but it can also store compressed audio like MP3. Also, it is especially used by professionals as LPCM audio format offers a maximum quality. Only files up to 4 GB are supported by this format which is one of the limitations in this format. This is because of 32-bit unsigned integer which carries the file size header. To overcome this, W64 format came into existence which can record long audios as it enables 64-bit header.
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