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Information about MP4
File extension
File category
Stands for
MPEG-4 Video stream
Moving Picture Experts Group
It stores multimedia data. It is commonly used by manufacturers (those produce mobile products) as well as by Apple for audio, video and still images. It offers higher flexibility and is compatible with both audio and video files. The Format provided by these files i.e MPEG-4 is commonly used online for streaming the videos. Any Movie, video or Audio file can be easily downloaded or streamed online with this extension which can be free or chargeable as well, such as downloading from iTunes. The payment can be made using credit or debit cards. These files may also include audio books, photos, podcasts, songs, movies, not making them limited to just audios and videos. This format has become more common as they are being used in iPod and PlayStation Portable(PSP). Commonly portable media players are advertised as “MP4 players” although they are capable of playing other media format as well like ‘AMV format'.
Technical description
MPEG-4 files are officially named under extension .mp4 and this is the only official extension for MPEG-4 PART-14 formats. These files were introduced in 2001 under the standards of ISO/IEX 14496-1:2001. It runs on AAC encoding which restricts the users from copying the data of the files. The data embedding can be done on these files using any private stream. For instance, hint tracks to add the streaming information into the file. These files are similar to most of the modern containers containing data information which allows internet streaming.
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