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Information about AVI
File extension
File category
Stands for
Audio Video Interleave
This file format stores both audio and video files for playback purposes. It is used to store files that are of high quality as file compression is less in this extension. Windows OS uses this as the default format to store multimedia files but other operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Mac also support this. The data in it is encoded by various codecs such as DivX and XviD. There is a variety of software that support these files. For instance- Microsoft Movies & TV, Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime player; etc. Due to its low compression ability, it is widely used to make short movies, promos and advertisements; etc. It should be noted that AVI format result in large files that is why it is rarely used for video streaming.
Technical description
In AVI extension, file's data is divided into blocks or chunks as it is a sub-format of RIFF(Resource Interchange file format). An identification of each chunk is done by FourCC tag. File header and metadata of video(like height, width and frame rate) are identified by ‘hdrl tag' which is sub-chunk and it is mandatory. There is one another chunk which is also obligatory that is ‘movi tag' and it has actual audio or video data. The last sub-chunk is ‘idx1 tag' and it records the offsets of the data chunks. This ‘idx1 tag' is completely optional. There is one limitation of this format that it does not contain variable bitrate data.
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