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Information about MP3
File extension
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Stands for
MPEG Audio Layer-3
Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft (A German research institute)
It is a digital Audio which compresses the tracks using the lossy format. Although, it follows the lossy format, yet, there will be no noticeable change in the quality of audio. It only discards the superfluous information that a human ear is inefficient to process or hear. With the help of the this extension, one can upload and download audio files with ease, irrespective of the internet connection speed even a dial-up connection users can access these files. There are a number of MP3 Blogs(music blogs) available on the internet where maker uploads music files and a user can download the same without any trouble. These blogs help people to get an insight into the music world. Hype Machine is an example of an audio blog.
Technical description
MP3 uses lossy data compression, which means when data is encoded it is not the full original version, it’s a substitute to original copy but in a smaller size. This compression can lead to a decrease in file size, ranging from 75% to 95%. This format is based on perceptual coding due to which this extension screens out the noise, and results in an audio file that uses a low bit rate(lowest bit rate in it is 128kbps). It provides audio of fair sound quality. As it is only an audio file, thereby, if there are any images linked to it then they need to be stored in a separate file.
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