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Information about OGG
File extension
File category
Stands for
Derived from the word Ogging.
Developer Foundation
This extension is an open-source format which means that it can be used by users free of cost and anyone can implement it. The main function of this format is to compress the audio files. It is identical to MP3 file but there is one difference that can not be neglected. That is the sound quality which is better in OGG format. The same size of the file can provide users good quality of audio. It is an unpatented software which implies that no one has the copyright and there are no restrictions on its usage. Moreover, it can also support metadata which can help in storing the artist information and track data. Since 2007 this file is independently used by ‘Vorbis' audio files.
Technical description
The word OGG has been derived from the word ‘Ogging’ which is jargon or parlance(a technical slang) in a computer game named ‘Netrek'. This format is accessible in almost all the software of music players but there is one exception that is Apple. It allows various data streams to be entrenched or embedded in a solo file along with stream data as it has a container format. This codec has the capability of transferring and obtaining the independent signals over the same signal path by means of synchronized switches, which enables independent streaming of audio, video and text. Although, it is not a popular format as of MPEG standards, yet, it is beneficial for those who want to study and apply what is learned because of its free content.
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